Shin Kong Group


The Shin Kong Group traces its origins back to the establishment of the Shin Kong Store in 1945 by group founder Ho-Su Wu. The Shin Kong Store was engaged in the trading of fabrics and the import and export of sugar and tea. Shin Kong entered the production industry in the 1950s with the founding of Shinkong Spinning Co., Ltd. It further expanded in the 1960s through investments in non-life and life insurance, gas, and synthetic fiber, laying a solid enterprise foundation. In the 1970s, Shin Kong further diversified into construction, farming, and department stores. It broadened its business scope again in the 1980s to include security and high-rise building management. In October 1986, Ho-Su Wu passed away and was succeeded by Mr. Eugene Tung-Chin Wu. Mr. Eugene Wu set out to fulfill the founder's vision. Under his leadership, Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (SKL) acquired the Dun Nan Building, established the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, and constructed the Shin Kong Life Tower. Chairman Wu also oversaw the steady expansion of Shin Kong affiliates into other areas of financial services, security services, production, and daily consumer goods. He brought together Taiwan's best and the brightest to improve the quality of life in Taiwan and create jobs. At the same time, the group has given back to society through the establishment of a hospital, the Taiwan Shin Kong Medical Club (SKMC), scholarships and charitable foundations, earning widespread acclaim from the government and general public for its contributions.

In 2002, the Shin Kong Group officially established Shin Kong Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (SKFH), bringing together Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (SKL), Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (SKB), Shin Kong Securities Co., Ltd. (SKSC), New Light Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NLAM), and Shin Kong Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (SKIB). By integrating the resources of these affiliates, Shin Kong is uniquely positioned to offer customers a full range of innovative and value-added financial products and to develop as an international provider of diversified financial services. In addition, SKL and China's HNA Group officially launched Shin Kong & HNA Life Insurance in 2009, further internationalizing the scope of Shin Kong's financial service business.

Looking ahead, Shin Kong will develop into international markets from its firm foundation in Taiwan. Through our commitment to serving the public and enriching society, Shin Kong will put customers first and continue to grow as one of the most trusted, high quality, and best performing international enterprises.