Shin Kong Chao Feng Co., Ltd.


Our recreational farm not only provides a natural habitat in which visitors can observe animals, but also provides lodgings for travelers, hot springs and spas, restaurants, and conference facilities, etc. Visitors can also taste local produce while enjoying the natural scenery, satisfying their mind and body as well as their taste buds.

Awards and Honors

  • 2010: Awarded the “Quality Service” Certificate for recreation farms
  • 2009: First business in eastern Taiwan to earn the “Hot Spring Mark” form the Tourism Bureau and the Hualien county government
  • 2004: Selected by the Taiwan Leisure Agriculture Association as “Outstanding Leisure Farm of the Year”
  • 1993: Designated by the Council for Economic Planning and Development as one of the 6 major tourist districts to boost development of eastern Taiwan
  • 1990: Designated by the Council of Agriculture as the first recreation farm in eastern Taiwan


With the completion of the New Hsin Feng Bridge as well as the completion of the Lin Rong Train Station, transportation to the area has become even more convenient, and distance no longer restricts visitors from enjoying the natural beauty of the farm.

Future Prospects

In the future there are not only plans for expansion of the Shin Kong Chao Feng farm, but there are also plans to undertake a thorough renovation in order to provide guests with an even more comfortable environment in which to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. We also aim to become Taiwan’s largest recreation farm.

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