Shin Kong Textile Co., Ltd.


  1. Design and production of high quality textiles.
  2. Serving as the exclusive agent and distributor for apparel and lifestyle accessory brands.

Products and Services

  1. Design and production of woven fabrics made of dyed filament.
  2. Exclusive agent for the American PGA Tour athletic brand.
  3. Original brand – ARTIFACTS.


  1. Encompassing design, production, and retail. The fabric collections are stylish, functional, and ideal for fashionable sport clothing. Shin Kong has built a strong reputation as a trend-setting supplier among European and American brands of swimming, outdoor, and snowboarding apparel.
  2. Exclusive distributor for a wide variety of fashion apparel and lifestyle accessories, as well as the company’s own hybrid brand: ARTIFACTS, all of which are distributed through specialty counters at department stores and boutiques.

Future Prospects

In our pursuit of perfection, we know that taking care of customers comes first. In the future, we hope that in addition to continuing to provide high-quality textiles we can provide even more professional and attentive service.

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