Legacy Art Work” tells the life stories of Taiwan’s older generations through the visual arts.
We have long supported afterschool care programs for aboriginal children in Zhudong and Jianshi townships in northwest Taiwan, helping to provide children with a stable environment in which to learn and grow.
Shin Kong Life Foundation


In addition to disaster relief, the foundation focuses on the development, support, and promotion of oral history, women’s health, and aboriginal education.

Products and Services

  1. "Oral History" - The foundation began to engage in 2003. In 2005, it officially introduced oral history to Taiwan from Elders Share the Arts (ESTA) in New York, USA, and extended the concept of serving the elderly with art into two programs: "Passing on Art" and "Revitalizing History" to advocate creative aging to break the old concept of "old age" in society, emphasize social participation of the elderly and the spirit of unlimited creativity, and bring the elderly a healthy aging life in body, mind and soul.
    • "Legacy Arts" are passed down through colorful visual arts and interaction with groups, it helps Taiwanese seniors build confidence and reconnect with society.
    • The "Revitalizing History" program is implemented in collaboration with Godot Theatre. The program uses performing arts sections to guide elders to express their life stories and share with school children, opening up opportunities for cross-generational exchanges. Every year, a stage play was performed by the grandparents and grandsons to show the public the vitality of the silver-haired community.
  2. "Women's Health" - In early days, Taiwanese women were often reluctant to undergo breast cancer screening due to shyness. Thus, we have collaborated with Breast Cancer Patient Association since 2005 to train patients to become breast cancer prevention and treatment endorsers; who have travelled and shared their experience throughout 25 counties and 369 townships across Taiwan, spreading “Awareness of Screening” to all corners of Taiwan.
  3. "Children's Education" - "New School Companion–Pen Pals" has been implemented since 2013. Originally, this program was only to serve indigenous children. However, it has been transformed to a "Children's Education" program since 2017 by expanding its coverage to disadvantaged children across Taiwan. The Foundation called out on all types of professionalism to become pen pals, through mails correspondence, bring a variety of professional profiles to our young pen pals.
  4. “Shin Kong LOHAS Volunteer Club" is the first corporate volunteer club in Taipei to register with the Department of Social Welfare, it cooperates with nearly 30 social welfare organization every year to solve the shortage of manpower in social welfare organizations.

Awards and Honors

  • “Special Model Award” in the Elderly Friendly Group for Outstanding Projects at the16th CSR Awards (Global Views Monthly)
  • “The Golden Wish Award–Outstanding Volunteer Service Group Award”
  • “Best Social Responsibility Award” at the 21st Insurance Faith, Hope, and Love Awards
  • Awarded the Silver Award for “Charity Care Excellence at the 8th Insurance Excellence Award”
  • “Platinum Award of the Corporate Sustainability Report Awards” in the Financial Industry, “Top 50 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award” in the Corporate Comprehensive Performance Award, and the Social Inclusion Award
  • “National Excellent Enterprise Volunteer Team Award”
  • Gold Award of “Corporate Sustainability Report Awards in the Financial Industry, and the Award” for Creativity in Communication
  • Corporate Volunteer Excellence Award
  • “Outstanding performance” in the 2014 Comprehensive Volunteer Service Entity Evaluation
  • Gold Award of “Corporate Sustainability Report Awards in the Financial Industry, and the Social Inclusion Award” (Active Aging Project)
  • The stage play "Hide and Seek!" by the elderly and school children awarded the third place in the "Classic Show by the Elderly and the Young" competition on the Double Ninth Festival
  • The stage play "Meet Your Hand" by the elderly and school children awarded an honorable mention in the elementary school group in the national drama competition "Parents' Heart and Grandparents' Love" upon the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China
  • The Silver Award of “The 10th Arts and Business Awards”
  • “The 6th National Charity Award”


Our foundation leverages the resources of the Shin Kong Group and seeks strategic partners in the non-profit sector to develop programs that meet the needs of society. Moreover, through systematic performance evaluations, we aim to maximize the benefits of these programs in order to more fully contribute to the betterment of society.

Future Prospects

To realize the strategic charity policy, we have enhanced our various public care service programs while collaborating with more other enterprises, organizations, foundations, and associations to engage in public welfare services to maximize the effectiveness.

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