Shin Hai Gas Corp.


Supplies natural gas to around 288,000 households and businesses in Taipei County (Sanchong, Banqiao, and Xinzhuang districts), as well as handling natural gas pipeline installation and maintenance. In addition, many of our gas pipelines also have embedded fiber optic cables, which have been licensed by the government to provide Category 1 telecommunication leasing services.

Products and Services

Natural gas and Category 1 telecommunications services.

Awards and Honors

2011: ISO 9001:2008 (CNS12681) Certification (certified for quality management of natural gas providers and user installation services).

Future Prospects

  • In order to ensure stable provision of gas and to increase the quality of our services, we have partnered with CPC Corp. to establish a delivery port at the Wugu District gas distribution station.
  • In order to guard against accidents and other damage, we are continuing to strengthen and earthquake proof gas lines for larger buildings. Also, the company has established an emergency operations center, which can help us respond to future crises and minimize any possible damage.
  • In order to adapt to developments in New Taipei City and to better respond to customer demands, we continue to actively lay natural gas lines and aid in the engineering of aqueducts and sewers. Moreover, we strive to improve and strengthen pipelines and replace and renew old pipelines as necessary.
  • The company actively urges non-residential customers to make the change to natural gas as a fuel source. Also, the company is establishing its own brand with the introduction of high-efficiency gas stoves, which will be available for customers to purchase.
  • In accordance with rules and regulations governing natural gas operations, we will continue to promote the use of computerized gas meters. Furthermore, we will continue to install GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in order to improve safety monitoring of the gas network.
  • In order to enhance the quality of our service and improve communication with customers, the company is working to further develop its website, establish an electronic billing system, and to create a multimedia information platform for customers.

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