Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (SKL) was established on July 30, 1963. The company is guided by a corporate commitment to "benefiting humanity", the principles of "innovation, service, integrity and giving back to society", and a mission to make insurance coverage available to all. The company also has fostered a company culture emphasizing innovation, the preeminence of service quality, duty and compassion, and a commitment to making life better. After a half-century of development, SKL has grown as an international company with a nationwide network in Taiwan and expanding operations in mainland China. The company also has taken aim at the broader Asian and global markets with an ambition to become the best and most comprehensive global insurance company.

Products and Services

We provide a variety of value-oriented life insurance products and services, meeting clients’ different insurance needs and career planning goals.
Traditional life insurance, interest-sensitive policies, investment-linked policies, individual accident insurance, and individual health insurance and group insurance.

Awards and Honors

  • 2013: Winner of the Taiwan Insurance Excellence Award in the “Information Applications” and “Risk Management” categories, as well as the ”Employee Training Excellence Award” (Silver Medalist).
  • 2012: Winner of 2012 Taiwan Corporate Social Responsibility Award (Finance category – Silver Medalist).
  • 1999-2013: Winner for the 15th consecutive year of the Insurance Faith, Hope and Love Award in the “Corporate Social Responsibility” category.
  • 2009: Winner of the Taiwan Insurance Excellence Award in the “Public Welfare” and “Special Award” categories.
  • 2007: Winner of the National Public Service Award and the Executive Yuan National HRD InnoPrize.
  • 2004: National Quality Award.


  1. By the end of 2013 SKL had more than 10,000 employees and over 7.5 million contracts.
  2. Total assets exceeding 1.8 trillion NT$ ( $USD 60 bn).
  3. Working under the strategy of parent company SKFH, SKL has promoted cross sellingservices, actively partnered with businesses from other industries, and has signed contracts with over 50 banks.
  4. We provide banking insurance services as well as fast and convenient online support via the fully automated ‘New Core System’.
  5. SKL is keeping up with the digital age, and introducing a faster and more convenient mobile service platform. Policyholders can now simply download our app and then easily access all information at the touch of a button.
  6. In keeping with the commitment to the principle of “Service First,” SKL promotes a number of client service activities for our policyholders and provides localized service for each and every community.
  7. We provide 0800 toll-free calls, roadside assistance and overseas emergency assistance.

Future Prospects

  1. Active expansion into the China insurance market, as well as further surveying opportunities in Asia and around the world.
  2. We continue to strive to refocus on the fundamentals of life insurance management. In addition, we aim to further enhance profit stability and become a highly trusted leading brand in the business world.