Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital

Products and Services

The Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital contains 42 separate medical divisions, including: cardiology, thoracic surgery, nephrology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, hematology /oncology, endocrinology / diabetes, allergy / immunology/rheumatology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, urology, general surgery, colorectal surgery, traumatology, neurology, orthopedics, family medicine, occupational medicine, obstetrics /gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, psychiatry, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, rehabilitation, pathology, primary care, nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, tumor treatment, general dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthetic dentistry, endodontology, operative and cosmetic dentistry, periodontology, etc.

Awards and Honors

  • 2013: Certifications for Cosmetic Surgery, Medical Photonics, and Injections (Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation).
  • 2013: National Quality Award and Recognition of First-Class Health Examination Quality (Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation).
  • 2013 National Quality Award for Home Nursing Care and Early Intervention Teams (Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry).
  • 2013: Recognized as a Superior Geriatric Care Organization (Ministry of Health and Welfare).
  • 2012: National Quality Award for Dialysis Center and Tumor Treatment Division (Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry).
  • 2012: Teaching Hospital Accreditation – Excellent (Ministry of Health and Welfare).


Since its founding, our hospital’s goals have been to make patients the focus of our operations, and to give back to society through the provision of superior medical treatment services. As such, our combination of state-of-the-art medical facilities and first-rate personnel allow us to provide expert diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, we continually strive to improve safety for patients and to enhance the quality of our medical care. Positive evaluations from teaching hospitals and other medical institutions are further evidence that we continue to uphold our principles of expertise, enthusiasm, and service. By contributing to the health, hope, and happiness of people all over Taiwan, we aim to become the most trusted medical center.

Future Prospects

  • Service
    1. Continuing to provide a friendly medical treatment environment which places emphasis on patients’ rights and patient safety.
    2. Continuing to promote health management and disease prevention ideas among the people, as well as pushing for further healthcare cooperation between hospitals.
    3. Continuing to integrate resources, improve our level of service, and move towards internationalizing our medical treatment services.
  • Teaching
    1. Continuing to strengthen on-the-job education for staff with the goal of promoting holistic care concepts
    2. Continuing to improve the quality of our teaching and to diversify our teacher training in order to become the first choice for teaching hospitals among medical professionals in Taiwan.
    3. Continuing to strive for the digitization of teaching and pushing for increased international cooperation and exchange.
  • Research
    1. Continuing to recruit superior talent, augment our research facilities, and improve the quality of our research publications.
    2. Continuing to integrate academics with industry and to be a pioneer in the field of medical technology.