Shin Kong Bank Cultural and Educational Foundation


Domestic and foreign financial research, educational development in local communities, and providing for public welfare through investments in education.

Products and Services

Over the past few years our foundation has sponsored or held a wide array of activities by various arts organizations, and has also supported events to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These educational activities can help young and old to develop a greater appreciation for learning and the arts. Examples include: Shin Kong’s sponsorship of the National Children’s Drawing Competition, the Liu-Gui Elementary School fundraiser for underprivileged children, as well as various other physical education activities.

Future Prospects

In accordance with our foundation’s goals, we will continue to give back to communities through our commitment to educational development, as well as active sponsorship and promotion of a variety of educational and recreational activities at the local level. Additionally, we aim to partner with even more civic organization and public welfare groups in order to cooperatively deliver better educational activities and to raise the bar for education in Taiwan.