Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.


In addition to our comprehensive banking services, we also offer cross-selling within SKFH, which allows customers enjoy all of our services under the same roof.

Products and Services

Traditional banking services, including a wide array of accounts, money transfers, RMB transactions, global e-banking, financing and wealth management services.

Awards and Honors

  • 2013: Winner of Excellence magazine’s “Best Taiwanese Banking Service” and “Most Innovative Wealth Management” Award.
  • 2013: 2nd Place winner of Global Views magazine’s “Outstanding Financial Service” Award.
  • 2012: Insurance Export Excellence Award (3rd Place).
  • 2012: “Best Bank for Small-Medium Size Business Loans” Runner-Up (Financial Supervisory Commission, R.O.C.).
  • 2012: ”Most VISA Unlimited Cards Issued in the Asia-Pacific Region” Award.


  1. Our bank adheres to an operating strategy that is both grounded in reality yet highly ambitious. In the past few years, our performance has increased by leaps and bounds, from profit growth and operating efficiency to business development.
  2. In 2013 we were recognized yet again by a number of independent organizations, including VISA (Largest Unlimited Card Issuing Bank in Taiwan), the Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan (Best Bank for Small-Medium Size Business Loans), Global Views magazine (Outstanding Financial Service), and Excellence magazine (Most Innovative Wealth Management).
  3. Through our branch in Hong Kong and Shin Kong Leasing in Suzhou, we are continuing to make inroads in the China and Hong Kong markets and we are better positioned to satisfy the global logistics demands of Taiwanese businesses.

Future Prospects

While maintaining our roots in Taiwan, we plan to develop a strong market presence in Hong Kong and China, while gradually expanding across Asia. With a focus on Asia, our bank will continue to work towards the goal of becoming the go-to bank of the Asia-Pacific region.