Shin Kong Construction and Development Co., Ltd.


Utilizing the latest in construction materials and techniques to build high-quality homes and office buildings that have improved living standards and urban landscapes across Taiwan.

Products and Services

Construction, leasing, sale, and management of high-end residential, office, and commercial properties.

Awards and Honors

2011, 2014: Receipt Issuance Recognition from the Ministry of Finance.


The company puts people first in every aspect of its business, from land development, product positioning, planning and design to construction, quality control and property handover. Developed with attention to detail and precision at every step, SKCD projects have earned widespread acclaim from the public.

Future Prospects

In the future SKCD will continue to build on its record of quality, using new innovative construction techniques, digital technologies and clean energy technologies, with the goal of providing the public with a safe, comfortable living space and high quality construction.

Tel: (02)2506-3023