Shin Kong Security Dedicated Security Robotics R&D
Over the past few years Shin Kong Security has been awarded the 22nd National Quality Award, the “Taiwan Sustainability Reporting” Award, the “Intelligent Building” Award, the ISO50001 Energy Management Certification, among others.
Taiwan Shin Kong Security Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1980
Stock Listing in 1995
2013 capital of about USD 124 million
Security Guard 1,990 people
Including enterprise group 6,000 people Including 10,000 overseas
Number of Customers: 100,000

Products and Services

  1. Home security ( residential security, monitoring systems, safety products, home protection systems, long-term home care for the elderly and vehicle security systems)
  2. Commercial security ( Factories, offices, security systems for large buildings, motorcade management, retail shops, financial institutions, hospitals, and clinics)
  3. Security systems and equipment
  4. Security robotics research and development

Awards and Honors

  • Awarded “Sustainability Excellence Award” (BSI)
  • Awarded “CSR Practice Award” (BSI)
  • “GRI G4 certification” for CSR report
  • Awarded for assisting private enterprises in water disaster prevention (Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • “Intelligent Building Systems Integrator” Certificate
  • “Intelligent Building” Award (Bronze Level)
  • TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System) Certification
  • ISO 50001 Certification
  • “Taiwan Sustainability Reporting” Award (Best Reporting of the Year)
  • “National Quality Award”
  • Taiwan CSR Award
  • CSR A+ (certified by the British Standards Institution)
  • TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System) Certification
  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • ISO 9001/2000 Certification
  • ISO 9001 Certification


There are a number of subsidiaries under the Shin Kong Security umbrella, including Yi Kong Security, Taiwan Security, Shinsoft Co., eTech Pro Co., Shin Kong Communication Co., Shincluster Electronics, Yi Kong Home Care, etc. Our business group strives to meet the needs of society, providing not just security services and products, but peace of mind.

Future Prospects

In the future we will continue to integrate imaging, communications, remote healthcare, and telemonitoring technology in order to provide safety and home care services to our most important customers: women, children, and the elderly. Additionally, we uphold an entrepreneurial spirit, and the belief that “maintaining the status quo means falling behind: progress only comes through research and development.” Thus, we continue to invest in intelligent security robotics research and applications. We hope to provide service that combines technological know-how with humanitarian concern, in order to help customers achieve peace of mind.

Tel: (02)7719-9888


Customer Service Hotline:

Northern Taiwan 0800-097-668

Central Taiwan 0800-697-668

Southern Taiwan 0800-897-668

Customer Service E-mail: