Yi Kong Security Co., Ltd.

Products and Services

Offering anti-theft, fire prevention, and general security services for a wide array of venues, including banks and financial institutions, offices, factories, warehouses, art galleries, private residences, exhibition centers, and park

Awards and Honors

  • 2007~2014: Ranked among CommonWealth magazine’s “Service Industry Top 500” companies.
  • ISO 9001 Certification (certified for quality management)


  1. Deployment of high-tech systems (cloud computing-based patrol management systems, client satisfaction survey systems, sentry post workflow systems, automated customer complaint systems) to carry out and manage security details.
  2. The most clients among banks and financial institutions, as well as the most experience in servicing large venues, including department stores, science parks, Academia Sinica, government contracts, etc.
  3. Sophisticated staff with strong moral character and quality education and training.
  4. Our expertise in venue security allows us to tailor our 24-hour security command center to meet client needs, and enables us to better monitor personnel patrols and quickly know the status of on-duty personnel.

Future Prospects

We will continue to actively pursue contracts with new venues and continue to develop our technological systems in order to better carry out security duties.

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