Shin Kong Venture Capital


Our investment focus is the greater China region, and investment targets are assessed not only through in-depth industry research and company visits, but also through support from the extensive resources of SKFH and close coordination with other SKFH subsidiaries.


  • In line with SKFH’s overall development strategy, SKL (Suzhou) Crop, was established in 2011 through 100% investment from SKVC.
  • Continuing to help Shin Kong Leasing develop business, further expanding the scale of its operations and enhancing profits.
  • With regard to client screening, Shin Kong Leasing is steadily developing lease financing opportunities with small, high-quality local companies. As for risk management, we continue to diversify risk and avoid over-concentration of financing to any single client.
  • In the short term, Shin Kong Leasing will continue to develop operations in the Jiangsu and greater Shanghai areas, while over the long term the company aims to grow as a national leasing company.
  • Shin Kong Leasing maintains close ties with Shin Kong Bank and coordinates closely with SKB’s Hong Kong branch to serve Taiwanese enterprises in mainland China. We continue to work to cultivate the local market, expand the scale of our business, and accumulate experience in order to lay a foundation for SKB to establish branches and subsidiaries in the China market.

Future Prospects

We will continue to seek out high-potential, high-growth investment targets. Moreover, we will continue to pay careful attention to the safety and liquidity of fund utilization, and dispose of assets at appropriate times to enhance overall efficiency of fund utilization.

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