Shin Kong Medical Club


In view of the advent of an aging society and in order to meet the public's demand for health management, Shin Kong Medical Club (SKMC) was established in June 2004 to provide tailor made health management services through a membership system.

Products and Services

Based on "preventive medicine" and the overall health of the individual, Gold members are provided with 365 days health consultation services by a dedicated health manager, 24-hour emergency medical consultation services, comprehensive outpatient services by over hundred well-known doctors, and VIP services at Shin Kong Hospital's Tong Shin Clinic, where a health manager accompanies the member throughout the consultation, providing complete and clear information about the member's physical and mental condition at an early stage.


Our club works closely with the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital to provide health examination, consultation, and health management services using the hospital’s advanced medical facilities.

Future Prospects

With the four major development goals of "Health, Leisure, Beauty and Wellness", the club organize domestic and oversea health trips, medical health lectures, water aerobic activities and medical beauty care products "Shin Kong Shien ya" series from time to time every year to provide members with comprehensive health management for body, mind and soul, so that they can stay away from illness and embrace health and enjoy a dignified life of health, happiness and dignity for a long time.

Tel: (02)2833-2211 #2861 or #2862