Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural and Educational Foundation

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The Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural and Educational Foundation pursue the ideal of promoting the development of social aesthetics, cultural enterprises, and innovation and quality in the living environment. The Foundation is committed to the promotion of cultural education and skills through international cultural and artistic exchanges, developing artistic talent and enhancing social welfare. The Foundation transforms Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Stores into galleries and display spaces for photographic exhibits, craft shows, and children’s art exhibitions, free of charge to the public, providing an excellent example of how enterprises can give back to society at large and creating a new era of aesthetics in Taiwan.

Future Prospects

We will continue to promote the arts in Taiwan, and is committed to serving as a platform for cultural exchange across a wide range of art and media forms, fulfilling the ideal of “Living Arts and Artistic Life”, promoting the development of Taiwan’s local experience and cultural heritage on the world stage.

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