The Shin Kong Security Foundation for Arts and Culture is devoted to promoting arts and culture activities with the aim of creating a better and more tranquil society.
The Shin Kong Security Foundation for Arts and Culture trains art guides in order to cultivate appreciation for the arts in children.
Taiwan Shin Kong Security Foundation for Arts and Culture

Products and Services

  1. Organizing activities for education and the arts.
  2. Helping disadvantaged families become more involved in arts and culture.
  3. Providing assistance to local arts groups.
  4. Supporting summer camps for arts and culture.
  5. Organizing cultural exchange activities for employees.

Awards and Honors

  • 2010: Winner of the 10th National Award for Art (Bronze Medalist).
  • 2009: Winner of the 9th National Award for Art (Bronze Medalist).

Future Prospects

  1. Short term: In keeping with the goals of the foundation, our mission is to stick to principles of promoting arts and culture by hosting a wide array of activities.
  2. Medium term: Gradually shift the focus of our promotion efforts to include more seniors, women, and children. It is hoped that in this way we can help expose groups in society to the arts, as well as help create an environment that is conducive to the development of arts and culture.
  3. Long term: Building on our past efforts, we aim to actively promote activities and events for the arts, cultivate artistic and cultural education, and spread appreciation of the to every corner of society. Ultimately, we aim for a better society and a tranquil lifestyle for all.

Tel: (02)2796-8888


Customer Service Hotline:

Northern Taiwan 0800-097-668

Central Taiwan 0800-697-668

Southern Taiwan 0800-897-668

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