Shin Kong Synthetic Fibers Corp.

Products and Services

  1. Synthetic fiber, plastic and optoelectronic products, with an emphasis on industrial yarn, polyester textured yarn, polyester staple fiber, PET bottle grade resin, PET bottles, engineering plastics, polyester films, optical films, and PET sheets.
  2. A number of ‘green’ products have also been developed, including eco-friendly synthetic fibers, halogen-free engineering plastics, titanium catalyst PET granules, and functional ‘smart’ fibers for intelligent clothing applications

Awards and Honors

  • 2013: Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) ”Innovation in Energy Conservation Award”.
  • 2012: Taoyuan County’s “Clean Energy Business Award”.
  • 2011: Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Hiring of Disabled.
  • 2010: Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) “Energy Conservation Award”.
  • 2009: Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) “Industrial Excellence Award”.


  1. With a production and marketing presence in Taiwan, China, Germany, and Thailand, we are well positioned to meet global demand.
  2. Beginning with synthetic fibers, we have continued to diversify and expand our product line. Our product range has extended to the photoelectric industry and we have become a supplier of high added-value materials to the electronics, automotive, and photoelectric industries.
  3. Our green products and eco-friendly synthetic fibers, including halogen-free plastics, titanium catalyst PET granules, and functional ‘smart’ fibers for intelligent clothing applications, are employed by major international manufacturers and have helped our brand become a market leader.

Future Prospects

We are committed to strengthening our competitive positon in the high-tech fiber industry through adherence to our core values of integrity, step-by-step progress, transparency and fairness, and mutual trust.

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