Shin Kong Investment Trust Co., Ltd.


Securities investment trusts, futures trusts, discretionary mandates, investment consulting, authorized agent for servicing of offshore funds.

Products and Services

Public funds and private placement funds, discretionary mandates, and offshore funds.

Awards and Honors

  • 2017:“Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Taiwan Awards” and “the 20th Outstanding Fund Golden Diamond Awards” (The SKIT Fortune Balanced Fund)
  • 2007: Winner of the 9th Securities and Futures Institute’s Golden Goblet Award for “Outstanding Financial Innovation”.
  • 2000~2006: Winner of the Taipei Foundation of Finances “Best Fund Award” as well 19 top awards from Standard & Poor’s Fund Service.
  • 2004: Winner of Standard & Poor’s Fund Service’s “Best Fund Team Award” (the only award winner in Taiwan).
  • 2004: Winner of the “Most Improved Fund Company Award” sponsored by Asia Asset Management magazine.


  1. The first in Taiwan to introduce a discretionary fund risk management information system.
  2. The first mutual fund in Taiwan to raise domestic bonds.
  3. The first in Taiwan to develop period investment plans.
  4. The first in Taiwan to develop an investment plan which combines funds from stocks and bonds and automatic fund redemption.
  5. The first market neutral fund in Taiwan to issue risk avoidance operating strategies.

Future Prospects

In the future we will continue to improve upon existing product performance, develop new investment products, and introduce various offshore funds to help meet the international and wealth management needs of our clients.


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