Shin Kong Security launched its rice donation program, and during the Chinese New Year we deliver meals to seniors living alone.
The Shin Kong Security Foundation for Social Welfare began its rice donation program in 2011.
Shin Kong Security Foundation for Social Welfare

Products and Services

Established in December of 2011, the main aims of the foundation are promoting social welfare and helping the disadvantaged in society. Women, children, and the elderly make up the core of the disadvantaged groups to which we provide security services. We hope to achieve our goals by playing to our strengths and providing assistance in the form of security services, in order to bring people safety and peace of mind.

Future Prospects

We hold ourselves to our promise to promote social welfare and help the disadvantaged in society, and in doing so we aim to bring our heartfelt humanitarian concern to every corner of Taiwan. Our foundation also taps into the resources of the business world, working with corporations to fulfill the mission of giving back to society. We take creating a safer society as a personal responsibility, and continue to strive for our ultimate goal: helping to create a society in which everyone can live in harmony, safety, and happiness.

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